The Dragon Returns…………sort of.

“Birth Of The Dragon” is the new film based on part of master martial artist Bruce Lee life. Directed by George Nolfi and written by Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen J. Rivele the film is set against the backdrop of 1960s San Francisco the film tells the story of Kung Fu master/budding film star Bruce Lee as he challenges Shaolin monk and Kung Fu master Wong Jack Man to a legendary fight to the death. The film stars Philip Ng(as Bruce Lee), Xia Yu, and Billy Magnussen(as Steve McKee) the latter character has been strongly criticized for being but in the film purely to whitewash and I think the critique is valid. He supposedly based on actor Steve McQueen but who cares, he’s dropped in and giving a lack luster Asian sidekick both of whom take away from the real story but whatever. Aside from that I think the film although not factual in all events gives you a good martial arts flick. Philip Ng as Bruce Lee is awesome and the fight choreography by Corey Yuen was tight and very Bruce Lee throwbackish. Plus the wardrobe and cinematography was on point, you felt like you were in 1906’s San Francisco. Another interesting point is this the only film by or based on Bruce Lee that I was not rooting for Lee! Philip Ng played young Lee as a very capable but showy and arrogant which helps play to the underlined theme of you are you only limits and to overcome yourself is the only way to be born. Beyond the minor bumps that wouldn’t be mentioned if the lead was just some nameless Kung Fu master and not Bruce Lee the icon I thought “Birth of The Dragon” was a good popcorn movie and something you should check out.” ~ Batts


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