Green Room PreScreening

“GreenRoom” is what do you get when you mix blade carrying blood thirsty skins heads and a punk rock band that are not punks at all. Writer/Director Jeremy Saulnier’s(Blue Ruin,Murder Party) third outing knows where to give you gore where you need it yet still manages to squeeze a really good story line in there amongst the chaos and macabre. The Shining light in this horror crime thriller is Anton Yelchin(StarTrek 2009, Fright Night 2011) who is great as a unlikely hero in this trippy StrawDogesque flick that will have you like What The Fuck, we’re looking forward to seeing him in bigger roles very soon. This was solid work all around the board, a great addition to the crime/thriller genre, and something to definitely check out! TheFilmFreaks approve!


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