So there is this film called “Mother!”

So as usual on a Thursday night I hit happy hour at one of the great bars in Philadelphia and then I caught a movie. The Roxy theater on 20th and Samson was playing the new Darren Aronofsky flick “Mother!” starring Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris and the still lovely Michelle Pfeiffer. Let Me start off by saying GO SEE IT, don’t let mainstream taste deter you from a great movie experience. They are tagging this film as a horror when it’s really a semi love story encased in a psychological thriller. Written in 5 days and shot using wonderful 16 mm film Aronofsky sites Luis Buñuel’s The Exterminating Angel (1962) and Susan Griffin’s 1978 book “Women and Nature” as his inspirations for the film. The movie looks awesome, Matthew did a great job with the cinematography. Most of film was shot inside so the camera work was tight, you might get a little discombobulated when more than two people are in the scene but for me this confusion added just another level of intensity. This is really Jennifer Lawrence’s movie, everyone else is just back drop adding to her madness. Everything is seen through her eyes and she really pushes forward with this role, it’s some of her best work outside of the films she did with David O’Russell. All that said “Mother!” is a fun, ambitious, nail-biting what the fuck that delivers and is very needed after a lackluster summer of bullshit blockbusters and remakes.


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