Jason Bourne is BACK, are you happy?!

YqTzv“I caught up with the Bourne franchise late catching “Supremacy” on cable, back tracking by grabbing “Identity” on DVD but by the time “Ultimatum” premiered in theaters I was a fan! Matt Damon who is by far one of the best acting talents out there and he owned this character. The babyface assassin with psychogenic amnesia that can kick ass effortlessly just worked, and director Paul Greengrass moves like a master behind the camera especially during the action scenes. Now fast forward to “Jason Bourne” (forgetting TheBourneLegacy which was good but Jeremy Renner is no Matt!) Better than TBL , Jason Bourne jumps off as a direct sequel to 2007’s “Ultimatum” a decade later. Damon is back but no longer babyfaced and with total recall of who he is which takes away that sub plot and the cache that made the first three films so dope! Now we just have this guy that’s going grey being chased around the globe for whatever secrets he knows and hasn’t told in the last 10 years. As a stand alone flick JB is fine, a solid brainy popcorn flick that well written with great quick cuts and Matt Damon but stacked up against it’s first three predecessors it just doesn’t match up.” ~ Batts


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